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About NBJI Specialty Clinic

NBJI, was established in 2012, located downtown Washington, DC to provide diagnosis and non operative treatment in a multidisciplinary manner. NBJI has pioneered a multidisciplinary team approach to diagnosing and treating neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. NBJI’s approach enables our physicians to provide full-spectrum patient care for those afflicted with neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.
Our specialty-focused practice, conveniently and efficiently, provides patients with deep and comprehensive care. We take pride in caring for our patients and we are committed to the success of each and every treatment and continue to care for each patient until an optimal outcome is achieved

Dr. Shar Hashemi

President- Nerve Bone & Joint Institute

Dr. Hashemi is a board certified dual fellowship trained surgeon. He specializes in peripheral nerve surgery and surgery of the hand. He attended medical school at the George Washington University. He completed a General Surgery Residency, Combined Orthopaedic/Plastic Hand Surgery Fellowship at the University of Minnesota and a Peripheral Nerve Surgery Fellowship at Dellon Institute. Dr. Hashemi’s unique dual fellowship training enables him to diagnose, manage and treat complex neuromusculoskeletal problems.
Dr. Hashemi has presented his research in the field of peripheral nerve surgery at three national society meetings including the AAOS, ASPN, and ASSH. Dr. Hashemi also conducts national and international lectures to specialist physicians, residents, and physical therapists regarding his research and practice as a peripheral nerve surgeon.

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