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    • Patient Testimonials

      At Nerve, Bone and Joint, I was able to overcome a 3 month injury that had taken me away from the tennis courts. The clinic is wonderful, all the equipment is new and everyone who works there is very nice. With non-surgical techniques I was able to get back to my 100%--right in time to play the US Open!

      Rob Farah, Professional Tennis Player
    • Patient Testimonials

      The doctor and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Not long after our initial consult with the doctor, Alex had surgery on his arm completing a complicated hand surgery. I would recommend them as they are knowledgeable and caring professionals. Dr. Hashemi truly cares for his patients' emotional and mental well being in addition to their physical needs. A true gem in today’s world of medicine.

      Kim K.
    • Patient Testimonials

      I owe a great deal to Dr. Hashemi, who is the most accomplished, caring, dedicated surgeon I have ever met. He is a vigorous advocate for his patients and spends as much time as it takes during office visits. I have had office visits with Dr. Hashemi that have lasted close to an hour. Dr. Hashemi takes the time to understand exactly what is wrong; he explains his plan; and he make certain that you understand what he has explained, answering questions in great detail. Dr. Hashemi never rushes into a surgery unless he is convinced it is the appropriate treatment at that time.

      Hardy M.